How to Buy a Treadmill for your Home Gym.

learn about how to purchase a treadmill for your home, gym or office. This video will answer all your questions and concerns when buying a treadmill.

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How to Buy a Treadmill for your Home Gym

Bringing home a treadmill is a great way to kick-start a fitness program or continue a healthy lifestyle but it’s a big investment. With so many treadmills on the market, it’s important to find one that’s right for you.


1. Do your research:
visit websites from the brands that interest you (such as Precor). Consider reviews from real people and other review websites.

2. Know your needs:
Consider who will be using the treadmill, you alone or multiple family members. You’ll want a treadmill flexible enough for everyone who will use it.

3. Choose a proven brand:
If you want a club quality workout at home, choose a company that builds commercial treadmills and brings those technologies into their home equipment.

4. Avoid scams:
Especially online – above all – buy from a reputable website or authorized dealer.

5. Test the treadmill:
Visit a retail store or health club and go for a test run. Wear your workout gear and be prepared to walk, jog or run on each treadmill for a minimum of 20 minutes. Most importantly compare how they feel. Ask yourself:

  • Is it quiet and comfortable?
  • About the belt, does it jerk? Does it match your stride, or do your toes jam into the front of your shoes?
  • Is there a shock-absorption system?
  • Is the platform stable?
    (note: fold-able treadmills have moveable joints that can deteriorate over time)

6. Motors matter:
Many treadmills tout the size of their motor. But, you can only get so much power out of a standard 120v wall outlet. Look for a continuous duty motor with enough horsepower to get you moving from a stand-still and keep you moving as you workout.

7. Focus on fitness:
You want a treadmill that’s easy to use. Features like:

  • A quick-start button
  • Pre-programmed workouts that make it easy to get on and go!
  • Decks / platforms that incline
  • Sophisticated systems that let you track heart rate, time, pace, distance and more.
  • Avoid an overly complicated console – or gadgets like a fan.

8. Consider safety and durability:
Look for features like:

  • Password protection
  • Safety stop cord
  • Be sure to find a maintenance-free treadmill with a high-quality warranty.

In the end, the best treadmill you can buy is the treadmill you will use.

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