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Ankle, Wrist & Body Weights

  • Need a quick and easy way to strengthen your legs and glutes without heavy dumbbells and weight machines? ProSource Ankle Weights are a comfortable, convenient way to up the intensity of your workouts and gently sculpt and tone muscle. Just grab a pair an

    $ 11.49$ 21.99
  • Get the arm-sculpting benefit of weights during your cardio without the hassle of trying to hang onto dumbbells. Add ProSource Weighted Gloves to your workout for a hands-free way to add resistance and tone up. split ProSource Weighted Gloves are easier…

    $ 13.99
  • Dumbbells and weight machines arent the only way to add resistance to your workouts. Increase your endurance and strength with a weighted training vest. Slip on easily and adjust the fit and amount of weight according to your specific needs for overall…

    $ 39.99