MiNi Spike Massage Roller 6″x 3″

$ 12.99

Pro Source Fitness

Reduce your knots and muscle tension without the need for a masseuse with the ProSource Mini Spike Massage Roller. The ultra-light and compact 6”x3” foam roller penetrates muscles more than standard foam rollers, and is convenient to take anywhere…


Product Description

The ProSource Mini Spike Massage Roller makes foam rolling super convenient and easy, yet effective at soothing tight muscles. The firm but flexible spike design provides deeper self-myofascial release than smooth rollers, making it great for advanced users. The small size is great for smaller muscles that can be harder to reach with large foam rollers, such as feet, calves, and shoulders. Compact design is light weight and can fit almost anywhere, making it perfect for travel. Use to relieve deep “trigger points” and muscle tension, so you can reduce pain, stretch deeper, and increase range of motion. Great for runners, weight lifters, or those in need of rehabilitation. The EVA foam-filled interior provides a solid structure for ongoing support and durability for a long-lasting therapeutic massage tool.

  • Compact version of the “Spike Massage Roller”
  • Only 6” x 3”, the Mini Spike is perfect for traveling
  • Helps maintain flexibility and aids recovery process with improved blood and oxygen flow
  • NEW solid interior and durable design won’t break down after repeated use
  • Spikes are firm yet flexible for ultimate massaging effect


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