Sports Kinesiology Tape

$ 8.99

Pro Source Fitness

Wondering what that odd-looking, colorful tape is you see wrapped in strange designs on athletes’ bodies? ProSource Sports Kinesiology Tape in an athletic tape that provides pain relief and muscle support for greater endurance for continued activity, even…


Product Description

ProSource Sports Kinesiology Tape is a simple, inexpensive way to support your muscles and tendons when recovering from injury, without the bulk or restrictions of typical braces and wraps.  Kinesiology athletic tape helps accelerate recovery and improve circulation so you can continue your active lifestyle without pain. The colorful, breathable cotton is sweat proof and water resistant to stay put during any activity or exercise.

  • Great for pain relief and muscle support
  • Accelerates recovery and improves circulation
  • Sweat proof and water resistant adhesive
  • Made out of breathable cotton for extra comfort
  • 16.4 ft. x 2 in. continuous roll


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