Sports Medicine Roller 13″x6″

$ 19.99

Pro Source Fitness

Are you having trouble recovering after workouts and experiencing painful knots? If youre skipping regular massages and post-workout stretches, you could be hindering your athletic progress and risking injury. Reap the benefits of a sports massage…


Product Description

The benefits of regular massages and stretching are numerous: limber muscles, pain relief, reducing knots and tension, faster recovery, and improved performance. That’s why the ProSource Sports Medicine Foam Roller is a critical pre-and-post-workout tool. A grid of firm, yet flexible raised bumps and evenly-spaced grooves offers a variety of density zones to stretch muscles and release trigger points, similar to a palm and finger-tip massage. The solid, EVA foam-filled interior is extra durable to withstand heavy weight and long term use. Great for anyone who is experienced with foam rolling and ready for a deeper massage. Ideal for tight areas such as the upper back, legs, glutes, and calves.

  • New, improved design offers superior support!
  • Solid inner core prevents cracking or breaking
  • Compact 13” x 6” travel –friendly size
  • A grid of firm bumps and grooves alleviates muscle pain
  • Improves blood circulation for faster muscle recovery after tough workouts


Measurements: 13″H x 6″D

Material: EVA foam

Care: To clean your foam roller, wipe gently with soap and water and a soft cloth, or use an antibacterial wipe to disinfect. Applying a disinfectant spray after each use can also help keep your roller sanitary.

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